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Topps Million Card Rip Party

Topps Million Card Rip Party - Me and Steve Wrate from All Star Sports Cards

I got a call from Steve asking me if I would be interested in helping him with an event. I had no idea what event, just that I would be in charge of the technical aspects and help with breaking product, sorting, and shipping.

Topps Million Card Rip Party - Meetting Pete Alonso
With Pete Alonso and Steve Wrate (All Star Sports Cards)

I said yes before I really knew what was happening, then the details all worked themselves out and I was off to Dallas, Texas and AT&T stadium to help Steve rip 18 cases of 2020 Topps Series One Baseball // Jumbo HTA boxes.

The event overall was smooth. The day of, was a long day, but no complaints. We both took time to enjoy the event while the time allowed.

I know the breaks I did seemed slow but for just two guys, I think we did really well. I know Steve wanted to break more than ship but he was so fast at it. He had everything planned in his head, down to what shipping boxes were for what, so on and so forth. I tried to keep a pace that was consistent if nothing else. We were still ripping when Topps announced the Millionth card was being opened… I think it was really in one of the packs I had… keep that our little secret.

I want to thank Steve Wrate, of All Star Sports Cards / All Star Case Breaks, for the opportunity to help leading up to and at the event. To his customers for buying the product from Steve and I hope that everyone had a great time.