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2018 Topps WWE Undisputed Wrestling – Product Review

Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2018 Topps WWE Undisputed Wrestling

PRICE: $225.00/box

When I saw the two boxes of Undisputed arrive at Scott’s I had to ask if he was open to me busting them and doing a product review.

As you can see in the video above, I thought I would take a different route to the video, rather than show the pack opening, I just showed the results. I am not sure if this is a method I prefer, but it sped up the process and you could see the amount of cards you can get and the hits faster than if I had opened each pack.

Let me know in the comments below if you like this better, or if you prefer to see each pack opened.

I really like the thickness of each card, each comfortably fitting in a 100pt top loader.

The hit per pack style was awesome as was the guarantee of 8 autographs per box. It was good odds you would get a group of good names or a good chance at parallels in your box.

I like the design of the cards with the ink blot that made the card feel dynamic and rough which is what you want a wrestling card to look like. I also like the varnish on the photos on a matte card. The back of the card had short snippets of info about the wrestler and a key match in their career.

The subsets celebrating 30 years… man 30 years. Survivor Series and Royal Rumble. They were a walk down memory lane. It was really fun reading about the event after the video stopped and I put the cards back in my shoebox.

If you are interested in any of the hits, please check out my ebay listings. I had no idea what to price these at so based on checking out listings prior to posting my hits, I had some general figures to work with, they will be adjusted as cards complete sales.

Thanks for watching and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


— Ryan

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