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2017 Panini Aficionado Soccer Product Review



Manufacturer: Panini America

Product: 2017 Panini Aficionado Soccer

PRICE: $110.00/box

This is the debut of the Aficionado brand to the soccer offerings from Panini America. With a checklist of current and retired stars from the pitch, the product has some great designs on the base and insert cards.

According the the checklist, the base set is made up of 150 cards, so if you are looking to build the base set, it looks to be achievable with roughly 63 base cards per box at a cost of $110/box.

The cards are foil and remind me of the Elite brand of products from Panini America. They have some shine to them and how can you not enjoy that. I enjoyed the card design, especially the close up and game play photos.  To some degree the design reminds me of shots from Double Dribble.

The inserts, Power Surge, with the lightning background are reminiscent of 90’s inserts that are still a fan favorite in the hobby.

I look forward to seeing this product again in 2018.

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  • 8 cards per pack
  • 10 packs per box
  • 12 boxes per case


  • 1 Autograph Card
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 5 Inserts
  • 10 Parallels


  • Aficionado, one of Panini’s newest brands, comes to the soccer hobby with the release of 2016-17 Aficionado Soccer. The collection includes soccer’s best and brightest stars shown in action with their club team and/or their national team.
  • Look for the best players in the game today in a variety of special inserts such as Magic Numbers, Power Surge, Craftwork, and Meteor! Also find notable soccer stars of the past in Heroes.
  • Find autographs of your favorite current and retired footballers in Endorsements, International Ink, and First Impressions! Featured players include Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Dele Alli, Renato Sanches, Pele, and Diego Maradona, among others!
  • Aficionado also offers memorabilia cards in Authentics and Dual Authentics. Collect memorabilia cards of soccer stars such as Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema and Alvaro Morata!
  • Chase unique hard-to-pull cards in Aficionado! The Forza! insert showcases goal celebration photography and falls one-per-case, on average! Also be on the hunt for the ultra-rare First Kick parallel of the base set!




The Aficionado base set features a unique design that includes both a close-up photo and an action shot of each player.


Global Reach cards highlight players who dominate the international game such as Lionel Messi, Manuel Neuer, James Rodriguez, and Alexis Sanchez! Look for Global Reach Artist’s Proof parallels numbered from 99 to 1!


Collect First Kick and Artist’s Proof parallels tothe Base Set. The Artist’s Proof Red, Bronze, and Gold parallels are sequentially numbered to 99, 49, and 1, respectively! First Kick parallels are a
tough card to pull, averaging one-per-case!

Aficionado boasts a diverse autograph checklist. Find autograph cards of past soccer stars such as Pele and Diego Maradona, current greats such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne, and budding stars such as Renato Sanches and Dele Alli! All autograph cards are numbered from 149 to 1!


Look for sequentially numbered memorabilia cards of the world’s best players in Authentics and Dual Authentics, as well as a Prime parallel edition of both. Featured players include Diego Costa, Lionel Messi, Arda Turan, Jamie Vardy, Clint Dempsey, and many more!


Power Surge highlights footballers who play with intensity and power such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Arturo Vidal, Paul Pogba, and Sergio Aguero, among others. Watch for Artist’s Proof parallel editions, some numbered to 99 (Red), 49 (Bronze), and 1 (Gold)!


Collect 10 of the most lethal offensive players in the game today in the very special Forza! insert. This rare card falls one-per-case, on average!


Base Set Artist’s Proof (1:2 Packs) – Base Set Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered from 99 to 1) – Base Set First Kick – Global Reach Artists Proof (1:100 packs) – Heroes Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered 99 to 1) – Magic Numbers (1:8 packs), Magic Numbers Artist’s Proof (1:83 packs) – Magic Numbers Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered from 99 to 1) – Power Surge (1:5 packs), Power Surge Artist’s Proof (1:55 packs) – Power Surge Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered from 99 to 1) – Authentics/Prime (numbered from 199 to 25) – Dual Authentics/Prime (numbered from 99 to 25) – Endrosements/Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered from 149 to 1) – International Ink/Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered from 149 to 1) – First Impressions/Artist’s Proof Red/Bronze/Gold (numbered from 149 to 1) – Craftwork (1:5 packs) – Meteor (1:30 packs) Forza! (1:120 packs) – On average, non-base cards are included approximately 1 in every pack.