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2018 Panini Contenders Football – Product Review

Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018 Panini Contenders Football

PRICE: $200

One of the hobby world’s sought after product for football, this set is cool and the design this year is a hit for me. I like the large team logos on the bottom right of the base cards and I do enjoy the ability to scope out and find the variation autos just by looking at the front of the card. Kudos to the design staff at Panini for taking a stab at making it easier. In the video above, you will see me finally notice the difference, now I just need to confirm it, lol.

If you are an NFL fan and in the hobby, I would urge you to take your shot at a box and GOOD LUCK, sometimes, you may get a “who?” result, to find out later, the player is ridiculously good, of course it could be the other way around, but let’s stay optimistic!

Thanks for watching and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


— Ryan

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)