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2017 Panini Spectra Football – Product Review


Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2017 Spectra Football

PRICE: $285.00/box

Spectra has had its ups and downs with the collector base for the few years it has been out. With the buy-in so high, most collectors and gamblers are looking at the over/under on getting a PC hit or making most of their money back. If you are going to get into a box, though, get ready for some great quality cards and a chance at some hits that look spectacular in hand.

I like the fact that you are no longer opening a single box when you get into the initial packaging this year. There are four packs and each one is thick and gives you a good feeling that there is going to be hobby goodness in each and every pack.

I expected to see the Neon Blues and Greens, and more and I had hopes for a gold vinyl 1/1. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you watched the video above you were treated to some great cards, Radiant Rookie Patch Autos that look great and I love the vertical patches, they are just different enough to set them apart from the RPA of which I did pull a Neon Blue Dalvin Cook, the Rookie Phenom from the Minnesota Vikings. I love the look of the true Rookie Patch Autos. I loved the colored ink too.

The base cards are no joke too. The same stock and acetate are used, with all of the parallels in play. I really do like the look of this stuff.

I like to think of it as PRIZM and SELECT on steroids… maybe that is a bad thing? I like it though… so for me, I like having the eye candy.

I hope you enjoyed the vid and quick review, check the details below.

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)

Love it.


Ebay (Sold, Highest First)

Sell Sheet




  • 4 cards per pack
  • 4 packs per box
  • 8 boxes per case


  • 4 autographs
  • 7 memorabilia cards


  • The glitz and glamor of Spectra returns featuring four autographs, seven memorabilia cards and three prizms per box, on average!

  • Look for stunning Rookie Patch Autographs featuring the NFL’s future stars sequentially #’d/99!

  • Search for mesmerizing Rookie Dual Patch Autographs featuring a pair of signatures and prime swatches sequentially numbered to 25 or less!

  • Find on-card autographs from some of football’s greatest icons in Illustrious Legends!

  • Chase rare parallels including Neon Black Light which features white acrylic signatures and the brand new Nebula parallel!