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2018 Bowman Baseball – Mega Box (Target Exclusive) – Product Review


Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2018 Bowman Baseball – Mega Box (Target Exclusive)

PRICE: $14.99/box

Like a lot of other in the hobby, I did my hunting at many Targets in my area and not only did I search up front with the cards in their normal spot, there was word that the cards were near end caps in the toy aisle, or even in the grocery aisle at different stores. Great move Target, getting me to walk the whole store on my hunt. Also, if I had a fitbit, I would have racked up even more steps.

I never did find any boxes, but thankfully, I have people willing to help me out.

I want to thank Brad, @dailywaxcards (give him a follow!) and maker of, download the sortsof (iphone|android) app for your phone today.

He did get me two boxes, one you see in the video above, the second box had these two beauties.

— Ryan

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