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2019 Topps Allen & Ginter

Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

This is one of those sets that people either love or hate for one reason or another. Me? I just like it. It has some weird stuff to chase like Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions.

Topps did well to boost the different items you can find in A&G this year. I love the addition of the Box Topper Rip cards that hold three different minis inside. I saw All Star Case Breaks rip one and inside was the 1/1 Jackie Robinson Sketch Card. It was a gorgeous card.

I was lucky enough for this review to get the Gold Foil Hot Box, one per case if I am not mistaken and they are very cool looking although my cards all seemed to be miscut or OC left to right.

I did get a 4 hit box though and if you will have to watch the video to see the RIP card I ripped. The rip card came from another box my son and I opened at the local card shop, The Card Shop.

Hope you liked the video and the hits!


— Ryan

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)

Like, for its mix of weird and the overall card design.