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Panini National Treasures – Cigar Box Guitar

Let me introduce you to Giuseppe. He is the 17th Guitar crafted by Rodney Green by Green Geetars (@GreenGeetars).

Panini National Treasures a premier product name from Panini for years. It brings excitement when we as collectors get to cut through the tape seal on the front of the box, and as we open the box, we hear the all to familiar pop of the seal on the back side of the box, and then… well and then, we get hit with the smell of the box. Man, what an awesome experience it is.

After opening boxes of this product, I always had crazy ideas for a second life, but the boxes would be stacked and use to store some pc cards, or given to my son and other kids in the neighborhood as a container for their cards.

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to like a page her husband started on Facebook, Rodney’s Cigar Box Geetars. I stopped by the page and knew right there, these boxes I had stacked up and collecting dust, were meant for a second life. Bringing more great experiences past what their life was for the sports card hobby.

I got a hold of Rodney and we talked about his process in a quick excited and passionate pace. I could see that he was just as excited about creating something with these boxes. We threw around ideas for a few days, I sent him photos of National Treasures Baseball Cards with bat barrels and knobs. I then got the idea to get a Louisville slugger to him to use in the design of the guitars.

I really left Rodney to go through the creative process alone for the most part. As another creative, I could see his passion and excitement and rather than taint it, I was doing my best to just add some by making decisions on items he wanted my input on. I knew 100%, he was going to create something beautiful.

I met with Rodney to discuss some final decisions and when I saw Giuseppe… I was blown away. I had let him know that the company, Panini America, was part of Panini, an Italian company. Why is that significant? His wife is Italian. I thought it would be a little cool tidbit for him. Little did I know he would do more homework on the company and with that info added the Panini laser etched logo on the fret board and the name… Well the name is of Panini Group‘s original founder, Giuseppe Panini.

I hope that Panini America will enjoy seeing something they work hard on, enjoying a second life as playable art.

I really hope they do because I sent Giuseppe to them! ?

If you are reading this and wondering why I did this…

When I got back into the hobby around 2011 – 2012, I was looking for something myself and my son Jaxson could do together. He has since moved on to video games, but when he was into sportscards, we met Tracy and then Scott at the National Sports Collectors Convention. We met them once. Since then Tracy and Scott never fail to ask about myself and Jaxson. How cool is that right? So, it isn’t for any cards, or anything material. For me, it’s about the people.


PS, I have a twin to Giuseppe, the 16th guitar by Green Geetars. Also known as Giuseppe… 🙂 I will be posting videos of me playing soon here and on YouTube.

For now… Here is Rodney Green from Green Geetars doing a sound check: