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Heading to the National

This was the year that Jaxson and I were going to go to the National in style. I had plans for us to fly out, then because I had no obligations, we would pop in and out of the National and just do what we wanted, the hit the town and make Chicago our playground.

I had the tickets purchased, the hotel reservation, and working on a list of places to visit, eat, and other events to attend in the city.


So he has plans for a school group that he can’t miss as an incoming Freshman… BTW, he is going to be a Freshman in high school… kid grew up too fast.

I will be attending solo as I mentioned in the tweet. I do have a lot of friends that will be attending so of course, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and hope to hang out more with everyone since I won’t be doing any work and will solely be there because I want to be.

If you are reading this and are attending the National I hope to see you there.