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New Releases for the week of March 18 – 22, 2019

Here is the breakdown of releases this week.


2019 Topps Inception Baseball
2018-19 Panini Cornerstones Basketball


2019 Topps Alliance of American Football
2018 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes

My take

2019 Topps Inception Basedball

Another year, another Topps Inception Baseball. Coming in with the expected consistency of rookies and vets, get ready for a stylized design to start off the season. Not as big of a secondary market for this set, so if you don’t buy boxes, you might be able to snag cards of your pc players. Wink wink nudge nudge. Yeah, I am suggesting that if you don’t want boxes of this stuff, get out there on the secondary a week or two after release and maybe you can pick up a card of your pc player for less than a box or two.

I like the stylized look of this set and always will, but I think this year, I am out and will watch the fun of others hitting! Good luck.

2018-19 Panini Cornerstones Basketball

Big fan of this product and the “cornerstone” of patches on the cards. I don’t know that it gets much hobby love but I am a fan. At $140/box, it could be a good option to chase Luka, Trae, or anyone of the other rookies in this class. Since it drops during the season, you just never know when one of them will break out!

Take a look at the sell sheet linked above and I think you will like what you will see. Chase them Downtown inserts and show everybody on social media what you hit!

2019 Topps Alliance of American Football

I guess if you can get a license and do some football, then have at it.

If I reading the right things here, this league is set to become a feeder league for the NFL filled with has beens, hopefuls, and practice squad kinda guys. That said, if these guys are willing to do the work and put in the time, I say let’s give them a shot, enjoy the games and have some fun collecting their cards.

This season is the inaugural set for the league and Topps. I am guessing that like previous football releases, we will see what we can consider flagship product this go round to see what kind of interest is there, and then it will branch out to other Topps products, like Chrome (this is a forgone conclusion if the set does well), Inception, all the other product variations we had grown accustom to seeing.

Hobby boxes will run about $50 – $60.

Not sure I wanna take a shot at this at the moment, gonna sit back and see what it looks like and how the hobby embraces it.

2018 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes

I don’t know what it is… I know Brian Gray can be abrasive and he plays that role well in the hobby industry, but the products I have purchased this year have been a blast. Why? Well, the price point.

This product comes in standard hobby boxes, with 1 pack and 1 hit numbered to 20 or less, or the jumbo variety with 1 pack and 3 hits, each numbered to 20 or less. Don’t like the price point, I think the names in the product might be why…

Leaf Metal Sports Heroes goes all over the sports world and delivers a similar value with big names like, Gordie Howe, Lance Armstrong, Lionel Messi, Chloe Kim, Larry Bird, etc. Check out the sell sheet linked above.

You can dislike Brian Gray all you want, but I like the look of this stuff and it gives a great option at a solid price to pick up autos of some of sports’ biggest names.

I am definitely going to get into some breaks of this stuff or get a few personal boxes. If I could get a case, you better believe I would.

That’s it for this week, stop by again next week for more Fresh // Cut.