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Topps Million Card Rip Party

Topps Million Card Rip Party - Me and Steve Wrate from All Star Sports Cards

I got a call from Steve asking me if I would be interested in helping him with an event. I had no idea what event, just that I would be in charge of the technical aspects and help with breaking product, sorting, and shipping.

Topps Million Card Rip Party - Meetting Pete Alonso
With Pete Alonso and Steve Wrate (All Star Sports Cards)

I said yes before I really knew what was happening, then the details all worked themselves out and I was off to Dallas, Texas and AT&T stadium to help Steve rip 18 cases of 2020 Topps Series One Baseball // Jumbo HTA boxes.

The event overall was smooth. The day of, was a long day, but no complaints. We both took time to enjoy the event while the time allowed.

I know the breaks I did seemed slow but for just two guys, I think we did really well. I know Steve wanted to break more than ship but he was so fast at it. He had everything planned in his head, down to what shipping boxes were for what, so on and so forth. I tried to keep a pace that was consistent if nothing else. We were still ripping when Topps announced the Millionth card was being opened… I think it was really in one of the packs I had… keep that our little secret.

I want to thank Steve Wrate, of All Star Sports Cards / All Star Case Breaks, for the opportunity to help leading up to and at the event. To his customers for buying the product from Steve and I hope that everyone had a great time.


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Fresh // Cut

New Releases for the week of April 8 – 12, 2019

Here is the breakdown of releases this week.


2019 Panini Donruss Diamond Kings Baseball
2019 Topps WWE Raw
2018-19 Panini Donruss Soccer


2019 Leaf Metal Draft Football
2018 Panini Honors Football

My take

2019 Panini Donruss Diamond Kings Baseball

This product is always hot or cold with me. I love the tactile feel of the cardstock, canvas texture, and the smell of it, no joke. At least in previous years.

This year they are boosting the chase with a Babe Ruth cut auto.

This is a one or two box product for me. I don’t think I will hit the Babe, but I am a sucker for some of the other items like the DK 205 design, check out the sell sheet above and you will see what I mean.

This product is ringing in at $68/box which is low. So with little investment, it is worth a shot.

If it isn’t for you, because no logos and such, I say move on. There will be a lot of other products and everyone should feel free to collect what THEY LIKE.

2019 Topps WWE Raw

So I was into wrestling in the 80s and 90s and since then I moved on. Growing up with a Dad that loved boxing, I started watching more boxing and MMA and have stayed with it.

That said, it isn’t for me but don’t let me stop you from digging in on this product.

It hits the wallet at abut $53/box and promises 2 hits per box, one being a guaranteed auto.

I don’t know the WWE Raw roster, but I am sure they got all the stars, to grab a pen and a chair and get to work signing for their fans.

2018-19 Panini Donruss Soccer

Soccer is another one that is not my cup of tea, but this product is an entry into the world of soccer. It is coming in at $112/box or thereabout and promises 2 autos per box.

The designs are cool and you can check them out in the sell sheet linked above.

2019 Leaf Metal Draft Football

This is a hit or miss for me on the Leaf product line, I get the chase and trying to get in our wallets before Panini gets their NFL push going for the “prospects” for the NFL.

It is always nice and shiny and the cards are sleeved and top loaded already, it is a solid alternative to the licensed stuff, where you can own an auto of a player without breaking the bank.

Get at it and good luck, it is always shiny and I like to see what people hit.

In the end, have some fun!

There are two different versions of the product this year. Regular ($89) and Jumbo ($168).

Regular comes with 5 on-card autos.

Jumbo comes with 9 on-card autos plus 1 autographed slabbed 1/1 clear proof card (jumbo exclusive).

2018 Panini Honors Football

Panini slipped this one in on their First Off the Line offering but the price point scared me away, also the impending release of National Treasures Basketball.

Boxes are coming in at $315/box and promise 2 autos and 2 base cards and I don’t know how they are slipped in but you can hit buybacks some of them slabbed.

Looking at the sell sheet, this looks like a high end Classics Football.

I don’t think I will be touching this release but if you like it, go for it. I am gonna guess, buying a card you like right off ebay or getting into a break will be the most affordable.

That is it for this week, see you again next week!


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Fresh // Cut

New Releases for the week of April 1 – 5, 2019

Here is the breakdown of releases this week.


2019 Topps Stranger Things Series 2 Hobby
2018-19 Panini Court Kings Basketball
2018-19 Upper Deck AHL Hockey


2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey

My take

2019 Topps Stranger Things Series 2 Hobby

More of the same here from the hit Netflix series. I am a fan because I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and I can remember the clothes, music, and other goings ons that appear in the show and that is just cool.

You can expect 2 hits per box with one guaranteed autograph or sketch card per box. David Harbour is on the auto list as are other fan favorites.

If you couldn’t get enough the first season, check this release out.

2018-19 Panini Court Kings Basketball

Well the hunt for Luka Doncic autos continues but now you can add Trae Young to the list of hot cards to get after.

The design of this product for me has always been a highlight, and I like the canvas texture of the cards. You can expect to see Rookie and Vet autos and surprising use of strong colors with a pop art and mixed media flare.

The price point per box is rather low considering all of the product thus far for this season, at $94/box. So check it out and expect 2 Autos, 2 Rookies, 2 Inserts, and One Parallel per box.

2018-19 Upper Deck AHL Hockey

I gotta be honest, I don’t know what to expect here. I see some big prospect names like Carter Hart on the checklist but I have never purchased or had the opportunity to purchase this product.

As with all other Upper Deck product, during the first month, their prices can’t be listed. But, on a per box basis, you can expect 2 Autos per box.

My two cents, I will stick with the flagship product from Upper Deck, series one and series two for me.

2017-18 Leaf Pearl Hockey

If you have been following @Leaf_Cards on Twitter, you will have seen some of the fantastic cards available in this product including non-hockey subjects, like Babe Ruth, and a cool set of stuff that brings sports names from a decade together.

An ultra-highend set this isn’t for the faint of heart and if you can get your hands on this limited product, good luck. I can’t wait to see what everyone hits.

I am actually taking some time to visit my local card shop on release to see him open their own personal case of this product.

That’s it for this week, get out there and enjoy the hobby. Don’t like the list of new releases? Dig into what you like and see if you can make some trades, make some friends, or make some money on what you have.

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Fresh // Cut

New Releases for the week of March 18 – 22, 2019

Here is the breakdown of releases this week.


2019 Topps Inception Baseball
2018-19 Panini Cornerstones Basketball


2019 Topps Alliance of American Football
2018 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes

My take

2019 Topps Inception Basedball

Another year, another Topps Inception Baseball. Coming in with the expected consistency of rookies and vets, get ready for a stylized design to start off the season. Not as big of a secondary market for this set, so if you don’t buy boxes, you might be able to snag cards of your pc players. Wink wink nudge nudge. Yeah, I am suggesting that if you don’t want boxes of this stuff, get out there on the secondary a week or two after release and maybe you can pick up a card of your pc player for less than a box or two.

I like the stylized look of this set and always will, but I think this year, I am out and will watch the fun of others hitting! Good luck.

2018-19 Panini Cornerstones Basketball

Big fan of this product and the “cornerstone” of patches on the cards. I don’t know that it gets much hobby love but I am a fan. At $140/box, it could be a good option to chase Luka, Trae, or anyone of the other rookies in this class. Since it drops during the season, you just never know when one of them will break out!

Take a look at the sell sheet linked above and I think you will like what you will see. Chase them Downtown inserts and show everybody on social media what you hit!

2019 Topps Alliance of American Football

I guess if you can get a license and do some football, then have at it.

If I reading the right things here, this league is set to become a feeder league for the NFL filled with has beens, hopefuls, and practice squad kinda guys. That said, if these guys are willing to do the work and put in the time, I say let’s give them a shot, enjoy the games and have some fun collecting their cards.

This season is the inaugural set for the league and Topps. I am guessing that like previous football releases, we will see what we can consider flagship product this go round to see what kind of interest is there, and then it will branch out to other Topps products, like Chrome (this is a forgone conclusion if the set does well), Inception, all the other product variations we had grown accustom to seeing.

Hobby boxes will run about $50 – $60.

Not sure I wanna take a shot at this at the moment, gonna sit back and see what it looks like and how the hobby embraces it.

2018 Leaf Metal Sports Heroes

I don’t know what it is… I know Brian Gray can be abrasive and he plays that role well in the hobby industry, but the products I have purchased this year have been a blast. Why? Well, the price point.

This product comes in standard hobby boxes, with 1 pack and 1 hit numbered to 20 or less, or the jumbo variety with 1 pack and 3 hits, each numbered to 20 or less. Don’t like the price point, I think the names in the product might be why…

Leaf Metal Sports Heroes goes all over the sports world and delivers a similar value with big names like, Gordie Howe, Lance Armstrong, Lionel Messi, Chloe Kim, Larry Bird, etc. Check out the sell sheet linked above.

You can dislike Brian Gray all you want, but I like the look of this stuff and it gives a great option at a solid price to pick up autos of some of sports’ biggest names.

I am definitely going to get into some breaks of this stuff or get a few personal boxes. If I could get a case, you better believe I would.

That’s it for this week, stop by again next week for more Fresh // Cut.

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Fresh // Cut

New Releases for the week of March 11 – 15, 2019

Here is the breakdown of releases this week.


2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball
2018 Panini National Treasures Football FOTL (Regular Sell Sheet)


2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball
2018-19 Upper Deck SPx Hockey
2019 Panini Stars & Stripes Baseball


2018 Panini National Treasures Football

My take

2018 Leaf Valiant Baseball

Leaf has a push to get a lot of prospects out to you ahead of Bowman dropping. I for one like that most if not all of the autos in the Leaf product are on card and although they don’t have logos, they do have some nice eye appeal. Take a look at the sell sheet above and you will see all the big names, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Wander Franco, Fernando Tatis Jr, and more.

Each box comes with 4 autographed cards PLUS one graded slabbed auto BGS 9.5, 10, or the highly sought after BGS BLACK LABEL!

I would take a shot at this if you can on release, those slabbed cards could be great. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what people hit.

2018 Panini National Treasures Football FOTL

Fan of it or not, First Off the Line is an amazing opportunity for collectors and flippers to get a hold of hot new releases with FOTL exclusive cards/parallels and gets the hobby lit up. I have a blast for the chase of getting a box or more when I have a chance to do it.

This set promises one RPA Stars & Stripes #/15 or less.

I am looking forward to seeing what this product looks like as it gets busted. I will be looking for breaks to get into and hope to hit something of note.

2019 Topps Opening Day Baseball

Celebrate the new season of baseball with this set that captures the fun of the upcoming season with images of mascots, the bobblehead museum, image variations, and dirt from the game…

A low end set, this one is targeted to the young fans and introduces them to the hobby of baseball card collecting. This may not be your style but give it a look, you will see it looks like Topps flagship product with some interesting hits (not guaranteed).

2018-19 Upper Deck SPx Hockey

An annual anticipated hockey release, here is another chance to get you Elias Petterson, Brady Tkachuk, Carter Hart, and more! You check out the link to the sell sheet above? The designs are always cool and the cards look sweet. I love the hockey patches as usual and the autos although cool, are hard to see at times with the silver ink on such busy designs.

That said, for the hockey fan, this is a fun box of cards.

2019 Panini Stars & Stripes Baseball

This product is always a blast to rip because the silhouettes can be sweet with the USA patches. I did a box of this and got a button card of a Japanese Collegiate All Star, Ryosuke Aizawa. I am looking at stats on the kid now because of the card.

Ryosuke Aizawa, OF
Japanese Collegiate All-Star
Meiji University
Just one of the types of hits you can expect from 2019 Panini Stars & Stripes Baseball

You can expect players from 15U on up so you will get autos and relics from kids way early on in their baseball careers. Creepy maybe, that you have a kids card in your hand, but hold that card and they may just become the next kid called up to the big show.

Coming in at a relatively low entry cost, this product delivers hits in each pack so looking for some fun with some future booms (thanks for this saying Tony!), this could be the product for you.

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Heading to the National

This was the year that Jaxson and I were going to go to the National in style. I had plans for us to fly out, then because I had no obligations, we would pop in and out of the National and just do what we wanted, the hit the town and make Chicago our playground.

I had the tickets purchased, the hotel reservation, and working on a list of places to visit, eat, and other events to attend in the city.


So he has plans for a school group that he can’t miss as an incoming Freshman… BTW, he is going to be a Freshman in high school… kid grew up too fast.

I will be attending solo as I mentioned in the tweet. I do have a lot of friends that will be attending so of course, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and hope to hang out more with everyone since I won’t be doing any work and will solely be there because I want to be.

If you are reading this and are attending the National I hope to see you there.

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Fresh // Cut

New Releases for the week of March 4 – 8, 2019

Here is the breakdown of releases this week.


2019 Panini Donruss Baseball
2018-19 Panini Select Basketball
2018 Panini Encased Football

My take

2019 Panini Donruss Baseball

If you scoped out the sell sheet you will see the push to share that the checklist is deep and it includes… you guessed it, Vladimir Guerrero…

With the 2019 Rookie Class shaping up to be the deepest in recent memory, there will be plenty of sought-after Rated Rookies with a talent level to match their demand.

2019 Panini Donruss Baseball Sell Sheet

I am digging some of the inserts, like the Retro 1985, and Dominators. Will I be digging into it, maybe a box. I will definitely be waiting for the Optic version and man I hope my wallet can take it.

2018-19 Panini Select Basketball

I got three of the First Off the Line (Product Review) flavor of this and it was Select, always impressive with the shiny finish, confused by the three tiers, but overall, love the color parallels as much as the next guy.

Collect the top rookies from the 2018 NBA Draft Class!
Look for the following tiers: Base (#’d/199), Purple (#’d/99),
Tie-Dye (#’d/25), Gold (#’d/10), and Black (one-of-one).
Tie-Dye, Gold, and Black all feature prime swatches of jersey!

2018-19 Panini Select Basketball Sell Sheet

If you are a big fan of this rookie class with or without Luka Doncic, get in now and take your shot here and I hope you hit big or at the very least, you enjoy the rip.

2018 Panini Encased Football

This set is intriguing to me with the slabbed graded cards.

From a curiosity standpoint, I wonder …

  1. How much are we paying for the grading service as the consumer?
  2. Is this impacting the turnaround on grading of consumer cards?

Encased returns for 2018 and is loaded with all the best rookies and
legends the NFL has to offer, find 2 autographs (one graded) and
two memorabilia cards per box on average.

2018 Panini Encased Football Sell Sheet

Then after wondering all this I think… I am not the target audience for this one. I do enjoy watching the breaks and watching the grades coming out of this stuff, hoping to see that rare black label 10/10. I hope that they all come with subgrades, but I am sure they won’t.

Even though it isn’t for me, I hope that if you take a shot at it in a break or personal box, you get that big rookie from this years’ rookie crop, Baker Mayfield, Saquon Barkley, and others of course.

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2018-19 Revolution Chinese New Year

Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018-19 Revolution Basketball Chinese New Year

CHINESE NEW YEAR PARALLELS: Base, Emerald #/88, Holo Gold #/8.

I got a smokin’ deal on this 8 box case, so I couldn’t say no. I got home with the case and jumped into the review video as soon as I could.

The breakdown of the packs were two base, one Chinese New Year parallel, then two base. I started to notice trends of certain player cards coming together like Donovan Mitchell and James Hardin, you will see the pairings when you watch the video above.

I would caution you to make sure if you get in an 8 box case break of this stuff, and they don’t ship everything, you are highly likely not to get any cards.

We didn’t hit any big autos, not guaranteed in any of the Revolution product, which is all about parallels, but this stuff is really just limited to the Chinese New Year parallels, the Emerald /88, and the Holo Gold /8. Of course if you do hit an auto it is numbered to the players’ jersey number so those are the HUGE chase in this stuff.

Good luck to you if you decide to open it and at the price point I got the case for, I may just have to dig in again.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


— Ryan

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)



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2018-19 Select Basketball FOTL

Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018-19 Select Basketball First Off the Line

Tiers: Concourse, Premier Level, and Courtside

FOTL Guarantee: One Neon Orange Pulsar Parallel /13 per box

This basketball season from the hobby side has been riding on Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks and I am buying into the hype.

There are quite a few other rookies I was hoping to see in this case, Deandre Ayton, Lonnie Walker, Trae Young, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Collin Sexton…

If you watch the break, I was using a different machine and it felt a bit awkward, I was also on a google hangout and reading text messages… ha.

The distractions were real, but I got the box ripped and hit that Neon Orange Pulsar Lonnie Walker /13. A sick card but that was about it for the BOOM from the product for me. Off camera, I opened the two other boxes I snagged and they were, okay.

Select is always goofy to me with the three different levels of cards/designs, but I always get drawn in by the shine. I can’t lie, I don’t need another shiny product and of the three, this is number two for me for Panini product. Optic and Select are great opens for me, even though I know Prizm is where the value can be found with the Silvers.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


— Ryan

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)



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Panini National Treasures – Cigar Box Guitar

Let me introduce you to Giuseppe. He is the 17th Guitar crafted by Rodney Green by Green Geetars (@GreenGeetars).

Panini National Treasures a premier product name from Panini for years. It brings excitement when we as collectors get to cut through the tape seal on the front of the box, and as we open the box, we hear the all to familiar pop of the seal on the back side of the box, and then… well and then, we get hit with the smell of the box. Man, what an awesome experience it is.

After opening boxes of this product, I always had crazy ideas for a second life, but the boxes would be stacked and use to store some pc cards, or given to my son and other kids in the neighborhood as a container for their cards.

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to like a page her husband started on Facebook, Rodney’s Cigar Box Geetars. I stopped by the page and knew right there, these boxes I had stacked up and collecting dust, were meant for a second life. Bringing more great experiences past what their life was for the sports card hobby.

I got a hold of Rodney and we talked about his process in a quick excited and passionate pace. I could see that he was just as excited about creating something with these boxes. We threw around ideas for a few days, I sent him photos of National Treasures Baseball Cards with bat barrels and knobs. I then got the idea to get a Louisville slugger to him to use in the design of the guitars.

I really left Rodney to go through the creative process alone for the most part. As another creative, I could see his passion and excitement and rather than taint it, I was doing my best to just add some by making decisions on items he wanted my input on. I knew 100%, he was going to create something beautiful.

I met with Rodney to discuss some final decisions and when I saw Giuseppe… I was blown away. I had let him know that the company, Panini America, was part of Panini, an Italian company. Why is that significant? His wife is Italian. I thought it would be a little cool tidbit for him. Little did I know he would do more homework on the company and with that info added the Panini laser etched logo on the fret board and the name… Well the name is of Panini Group‘s original founder, Giuseppe Panini.

I hope that Panini America will enjoy seeing something they work hard on, enjoying a second life as playable art.

I really hope they do because I sent Giuseppe to them! ?

If you are reading this and wondering why I did this…

When I got back into the hobby around 2011 – 2012, I was looking for something myself and my son Jaxson could do together. He has since moved on to video games, but when he was into sportscards, we met Tracy and then Scott at the National Sports Collectors Convention. We met them once. Since then Tracy and Scott never fail to ask about myself and Jaxson. How cool is that right? So, it isn’t for any cards, or anything material. For me, it’s about the people.


PS, I have a twin to Giuseppe, the 16th guitar by Green Geetars. Also known as Giuseppe… 🙂 I will be posting videos of me playing soon here and on YouTube.

For now… Here is Rodney Green from Green Geetars doing a sound check:

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2017 National Sports Collectors Convention – It’s a Wrap


The National was a great success for me this year. Gone were the pressures of having to actually work at the show. I actually got to walk around and be where I wanted to be at any given moment and that was a true blessing.

From the moment I hit the National floor, I was working on finding cards, getting wrapper redemption packs, and saying hi to friends I have made through the hobby.

Here are some of the periscope video links as I walked through the National and more.

Panini Silver Packs from the National floor

George’s Topps Wrapper Redemption Packs

Floor tour #1

Sick 3D Michael Jordan PSA Slabbed card – Owned by The Card Shop in Omaha, they still have it for sale.

Last day at the National


  1. Thank you to Steve from All Star Sports Cards. I know Tony couldn’t make it and you were kind enough to offer me his badge to both the Convention and to the Panini VIP Party. I had a great time at both and I can’t thank you enough for this. You even got me into the Upper Deck Party and that was a blast. I now have a Joe Montana Autographed Print that will be framed and placed in my man cave.
  2. Thanks to Matt and Annette Osman for being great friends. I looked forward to meeting up with you each day I was there at the National. It gave me a great chance to share the experience with someone that would understand my excitement about this industry.
  3. Huge thank you to Scott Prusha from Panini. Husker fam right there. I can’t thank you enough for the items you sent home with me for Jaxson. He would have loved attending this National and I won’t be attending any others going forward without my son. Thanks Scott. I hope you enjoy the drawing of GG and it provides some healing as you think of her each day. I have a painting of my Dad that my mother in-law did and each day I stop to say what’s up to him and that has brought a lot of happiness to me.
  4. To Jared Kelley. You helped me by creating and capturing a fantastic drawing of GG for Scott. I enjoy your talent and I am so glad to call you a friend. I love your work and hope to have your help in capturing family memories and treasures for me for the long-term future.
  5. To Scott Miller, owner of The Card Shop in Omaha. You have been a great friend, supporting me in making a decision to do breaks, and in the beginning, giving me a way to do this and allowing me to continue to enjoy the hobby with an honest and true sense of community and friendship through your shop. I don’t do breaks anymore but that never mattered to you. You have provided great advice and friendship. Thanks so much Scott. I am forever a customer and happy as heck to call you a friend for sure.
  6. Last but not least to my wife. I went back and forth about attending this National. I had no reason to go but I was excited by the thought of going and having no commitments. You shocked me when you told me to just GO. I know it was last minute and we even thought about a last ditch effort to get Jaxson out there as well. It was fun, no drama, except my beer would keep disappearing on me before I could really get a good drink at the Panini VIP Party, lol. Maybe I should have taken it as a sign. It is a funny memory and a lesson to hold on to your drink… lol.

Mahalo to all of you. Mahalo to you if you are reading this too. You are a part of the hobby that I find fun in. Thank you for stopping by and reading this and if you want, please drop a comment on this post.

Oh and before you go, check out the Topps Wrapper Redemption Packs from George for Jaxson below!


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The 2017 National Sports Collector’s Convention in Chicago opens on Wednesday, July 26. Although I won’t be there for the opening festivities, I will be there Friday morning with my VIP badge ready to get in early on the floor and will be hoping on my personal twitter account @r9tee or the @r90sportscards account to share video of the show. In the madness of the show, I hope to remember to use the r90 twitter account but in case I don’t, please follow my personal twitter account too.

Here are the things I am hoping to do.

1. Check out the manufacturers’ booths.
2. Check out PSA and Beckett booths to show you the lines and craziness around each.
3. Do a walk-by of the Blowout Cards, Dave and Adams, Steel City Collectibles, and many other online retailer booths.
4. Check out some vintage, modern, and a few other dealer booths to show you the mix of what is there and hope to find some cool items that you may not have a chance to see otherwise.
5. Visit The Breaker Pavilion and the GTS Main Stage.
6. Stop by and chat with the GoGTSLive guys, Rob and Ivan.
7. If I can swing any invites to some of the after show parties, Panini VIP, or some distributor parties, I will try to do video from those as well.

If you want anything in particular, want to see if a buddy made it and you want to see them on my feed, let me know. I will see if I can meet up with them and get them on camera!

Mahalo and I hope you guys enjoy the show in person or via others at the show.

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Wizard World Des Moines – It’s a Wrap

Jaxson and I attended the Saturday show and it was a blast.

We woke up early and drove in from Omaha, stopping by Burger King for some grub and getting outta Dodge.

The drive was only a couple hours long and nothing but rain… there was some excitement when a State Trooper flipped his lights and came up on us like a bat outta hell. I kept my cool, got behind a semi on my right and he pulled the semi over ahead of us. Not gonna lie, I was a bit concerned… Heart rate up, but that was enough to keep my going the rest of the way.

We arrived at our hotel, just a block or two away from the event center to be greeted by the entries blocked by cars and signs saying guest parking only, violators will be towed… I couldn’t for the life of me figure out just how guest were supposed to get in… So Jaxson and I drove around the block and boom, there was a gap just large enough for us to get through and we were in. We got parked, dropped stuff at our room and off we went to the Iowa Event Center.

On our way over, Jaxson and I talked about the event and I had been trying to imagine what we would encounter upon getting into the event center. I had wild expectations of a line wrapped around the building and people doing cosplay and seeing all sorts of cool costumes. We were also excited to see Stan Lee and I was personally on a mission to meet John Cusack and get his auto. As a fan of his, I was looking forward to meeting him… I had a lot of questions swirling in my noggin that I would ask if I had a chance…

There was no line wrapped around the building and there was minimal cosplay but what we did see were from extremes on the spectrum, you had halloween costumes and then you had the cosplayers that really did it up and I enjoyed those. One thing I like about these cosplayers is the willingness to go all out, dressing and playing it up like the character they are portraying. It didn’t matter your body type, I think most people were just in awe of the effort and their ability to buy in and go for it. I applaud all of them.

I was very impressed, once we got in line, to be greeted by the CEO of Wizard World, John Maatta. He was awesome. He took the time to stop and shake the hand of all of the attendees and letting them know that we could call him, his number was on a poster in the event, should we find anything we didn’t like or if we needed his assistance. How cool is that. I have never seen this happen before and I think it should happen at every event now… ha.

Once in we were greeted by a few cosplayers, you can see the video here of our walkaround the event.

After the video, we did another walk through and stopped by some of the vendors to grab a couple fidget spinners, some dungeons and dragons dice and then it was on to what Jaxson was drawn to once we saw it… the Gaming area. He signed up to play in the free Smash Bros. tournament for a chance to win $100. He played it out, but lost in the double elimination rounds. He said it was fun and that had he known he would have played that game more before the event. We don’t have the system or the game mind you… I was glad he gave it a shot though. He played games there as a lead up to the tournament and got his fix in before I pulled him away to check things out again.

In all I think we did about 13 – 14 laps around the entire event getting photos of Jaxson with some cosplayers. Photos below and another video of the mainstage this time with some dance/something… Catwoman was in a suspended ring… I don’t know… check the video out too.

Oh and the auto area was interesting…

On my mission to meet John Cusack, I was curious to see that lines weren’t really forming anywhere. I noticed around 11:30a or so that John Cusack was at his booth and I made my way there. I was able to quickly search through the available photos for one that I liked, got his auto, shook his hand and the question I had queued up for him? Are you still kickboxing?… lol. I was trying to think of questions he may not get often. I thought about asking him about the Cubs World Series win, you think I would since this is a sports card site… He even had a Cubs hat on… Nope, I went for something not obvious…

Yes by the way, he says he still kickboxes.

We did catch a glimpse of Stan Lee as well but he was surrounded by handlers all loading him up with photos that he signed like a machine and just being able to see the man was cool. Maybe someday we will be able to catch him again and get to shake his hand.

Anyway, a great show, hope you enjoy the photos/videos.



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Wizard World – Des Moines

Jaxson and I are heading to Des Moines to catch Wizard World, we will only be able to attend on Saturday but hoping it will be a blast, we will do what we can to make it so. Like our page on Facebook because we might just get on Facebook live and capture some of the event for everyone or if you prefer, follow us on Twitter, maybe we will push video there instead.

Here is a link to the list of guests, small list but I am hoping to get an auto from John Cusack.