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2019 Panini Contenders Optic Football

Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018 Contenders Optic Football

Keeping in line with making base paper product shiny and new with a chrome look, here comes Contenders Optic Football!

This set is great looking, I love the thickness of the cards, make me feel like they will hold up for a long time and not bend with age.

One thing I hope they do next year is punch up the color of the parallels, they just looked dull in some instances, like the red wasn’t as brilliant as it could be with the Aaron Rodgers parallel.

A quick rip that gets right to the point, from a box break perspective, if you are hunting for a big name hit, it was painful to keep digging into a case at the $150/box price point. I got lucky with my box and hit a Rosen Rookie Auto, considered to be one of the top tier QBs. Not sure if that held up and he may be second string come next season, when it is rumored that the Cardinals will draft Kyle Murray.

Only time will tell, in the meantime, I will enjoy the cards I hit.


— Ryan

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