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2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball – Product Review

Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

PRICE: $95.00/box

I got sucked in by the quirky and odd with Topps Allen & Ginter again. Not to shabby though, I got three relics, including a framed mini relic of Kris Bryant. I also was lucky enough to get the one per case box of silver gloss cards. I will have to look at the backs of all of them and make sure non of them are 1/1s, as they do exist. I actually saw one in a personal box break that All Star Sports Cards did.

I didn’t expect anything new here, but I am disappointed that I thought all this time there was the A&G codebreaker promo, to find out they haven’t done it in a few years… bummer.

Anyways, enjoy the video and should you do a box or two or more, I hope you hit one of the fun rip cards or a book or any other crazy hit available in the product.

Also, I mention it in the video and would like your opinion. Do you like the “Fake” relics of mythological creatures and stuff like that? Comment below and see you next time!

— Ryan

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