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2018 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball – Product Review


Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018 Donruss Diamond Kings Baseball

PRICE: $72.00/box

I wasn’t able to get my hands on this product to bust for a video but I did take part in a couple breaks. I was also able to watch case breaks and watch the excitement from collectors, breakers, and flippers.

The excitement this year is busting baseball to chase Shohei Ohtani, the breakout star for the Los Angeles Angels, who is a dual threat and is being compared to Babe Ruth.

Watching cases of this, I can tell the cards are the standard card stock that has a texture, there are framed cards, the aurora insert is back, there are many other insert sets and from my observation, more than one Ohtani variation in each box.

For those chasing and flipping, I don’t know what kind of value will be had on ebay, or any other marketplace to sell your cards after busting packs.

Outside of the chase, I did see some great cards, the design is just as we have come to expect from Diamond Kings through the last few years, the price is right and will lead to a lot of the product being opened. I enjoy the chase for the cut autos, the patch auto cards, and the legendary players on the checklist.

If I hit an Ohtani auto or relic, cool. I will chalk it up to pure luck. I have seen some other cool cards, yeah, I did see a Private Signings of Ohtani, but I also saw a one of one patch of Mark McGwire and a one of one patch auto of Mariano Rivera. Both from different breakers, but man were those cards cool.

Get in while the gettin’ is good! Have fun, at this price it is fun and can bring some hefty rewards if you choose to sell.

— Ryan

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