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2018 Bowman Baseball Retail Blaster Box (Target) – Product Review


Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2018 Bowman Baseball

PRICE: $19.99/box

The Ohtani chase got a hold of me and the hobby box prices were skyrocketing so fast, retail was definitely the only way I was going to get any of this product to do a review. As you saw in the video above, I was lucky enough to pull an auto. Whether Aaron Knapp will be good or not, I don’t know. I will have to hit and other sites to get a look into how the kid is doing. I still can’t believe I hit an auto. Oh and I also couldn’t believe I didn’t hit an Ohtani base.

Side note: I opened 5 total blasters including this one for the review. I hit a color parallel paper auto and one of the tough Big League Breakthrough redemption cards. Check the photo below.

— Ryan

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