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2018-19 Select Basketball FOTL

Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018-19 Select Basketball First Off the Line

Tiers: Concourse, Premier Level, and Courtside

FOTL Guarantee: One Neon Orange Pulsar Parallel /13 per box

This basketball season from the hobby side has been riding on Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks and I am buying into the hype.

There are quite a few other rookies I was hoping to see in this case, Deandre Ayton, Lonnie Walker, Trae Young, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Collin Sexton…

If you watch the break, I was using a different machine and it felt a bit awkward, I was also on a google hangout and reading text messages… ha.

The distractions were real, but I got the box ripped and hit that Neon Orange Pulsar Lonnie Walker /13. A sick card but that was about it for the BOOM from the product for me. Off camera, I opened the two other boxes I snagged and they were, okay.

Select is always goofy to me with the three different levels of cards/designs, but I always get drawn in by the shine. I can’t lie, I don’t need another shiny product and of the three, this is number two for me for Panini product. Optic and Select are great opens for me, even though I know Prizm is where the value can be found with the Silvers.

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— Ryan

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