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2018-19 Revolution Chinese New Year

Manufacturer: Panini

Product: 2018-19 Revolution Basketball Chinese New Year

CHINESE NEW YEAR PARALLELS: Base, Emerald #/88, Holo Gold #/8.

I got a smokin’ deal on this 8 box case, so I couldn’t say no. I got home with the case and jumped into the review video as soon as I could.

The breakdown of the packs were two base, one Chinese New Year parallel, then two base. I started to notice trends of certain player cards coming together like Donovan Mitchell and James Hardin, you will see the pairings when you watch the video above.

I would caution you to make sure if you get in an 8 box case break of this stuff, and they don’t ship everything, you are highly likely not to get any cards.

We didn’t hit any big autos, not guaranteed in any of the Revolution product, which is all about parallels, but this stuff is really just limited to the Chinese New Year parallels, the Emerald /88, and the Holo Gold /8. Of course if you do hit an auto it is numbered to the players’ jersey number so those are the HUGE chase in this stuff.

Good luck to you if you decide to open it and at the price point I got the case for, I may just have to dig in again.

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— Ryan

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