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2017 Topps Holiday Baseball Walmart Exclusive – Product Review



Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2017 Topps Holiday Baseball

PRICE: $19.99/box

So Topps has found a way to modify their base set to get me to buy again… I am a sucker… ha.

I stopped by Walmart and saw a box with snowflakes and without much hesitation, I dove right in and got this box. Apologies, it seems I need to reset my recordings and fix the audio. Not sure what happened there.

At any rate, the card set is what you would expect as it is the flagship Topps set with the added snowflake holiday design with parallels in different “ugly sweater” colored border parallels and a metallic snowflake glitter bling.

There is a promise of one hit a box and I was surprised by the Rizzo relic, the card was thick but I was caught off guard. Look for gold 1/1 parallels, Frosty, Santa, and Rudolph!

A fun rip for a product that experienced an epic season of collecting and the games themselves.

Get out to Walmart, grab a box and enjoy this set for yourself, good luck with your hits!

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