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2017 Topps High Tek Baseball – Product Review



Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2017 Topps High Tek Baseball

PRICE: $130/box

High Tek has never been a fun product for me to open as I get lost looking at the patterns and trying to figure out if I have something rare or not. On the flip side, some of the patterns are cool no matter what and if one of my favorite players is on it then who cares about value, it will just be a stinkin’ cool card to own.

I do like the upping of 40 cards per pack with 2 on card autos and if you hit a redemption card, it is for a bonus auto.

The thing I noticed and I always look for with acetate cards is scuffing from the printing process. I found a couple during the video. I am hopeful that the ones I might flip on ebay don’t have roller marks…

At any rate, it was a fun break for me because of the fat pack and the promise of so many cards. Some great patterns and a great baseball season have made collecting very fun!

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