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2017 Topps Heritage High Number Retail – Product Revew


Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2017 Topps Heritage High Number

PRICE: $20.00/box – Blaster

This was a break just to see if I could find some magic in a blaster from WalMart. I didn’t get a hit but I did get a lot of great cards. Oh and if you are wondering, “What the heck is Heritage High Number?” Well, it is the update set for Heritage. Like Topps flagship, this set has an update and that is what it is all about, you get to pick up rookie cards of late season call ups which makes this set desirable in and of itself.

This is a set builders product which I don’t consider myself to be. However, I am a fan of old school cards and this set brings back some memories. I wasn’t around when the original 1968 set was done, but I was around when the card stock of these cards was used.

I am a geek about the card stock and this is like you remember it, you can feel the fibers of the cardboard and it is thick. Makes you feel like you can put them in your bike spokes now and boom, you have a dirt bike/motorcycle for the day.

I did rather well, pulling about 4 shortprints. Nothing that will set the world on fire, but hey, I am sure I have some set builders that would be interested in picking up the cards.

Because this set brings back memories and is reminiscent of what the hobby used to be, for collectors, I have to LOVE this product.

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)

Love it.


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