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2017 National Sports Collectors Convention Part 3

What a whirlwind.

I took off bright and early from Omaha yesterday and arrived in Chicago to my first day of the National. This will have been the third day of the National and man was it crazy.

I arrived shortly before the doors opened at 8:30am for dealers at the National. Thanks to a few friends including Scott from The Card Shop in Omaha and Steve from All Star Sports Cards in Tennessee, I was able to get a badge that allowed me early entry to the show. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Once the doors opened, my mission was to check-in with Steve and Scott and to get inline for the highly sought after Topps Redemption Packs.

I really didn’t plan to come to the National so I didn’t really have any plans so I am really focused on building friendships and helping others get some things they were searching for from the show floor. That is why I was after the Topps packs.

After checking in with Steve I realized that the line at the Topps booth was already forming and having heard that they ran out of the alotted packs the previous day, I kept an eye on it and gave George a buzz to discuss the product he wanted and where to get it. Once a decision was made the product was purchased and I made quick work of getting in line.

While there we were told that we may not get any packs as they were likely to run out before we got to the head of the line. We were reminded that there was a strict 16 box limit per person and that was it. If you wanted more you would have to get back in line. No biggie.

The line started moving at 10 and by 10:20… they were out. I was fortunate enough to be the LAST ONE and I got 6 packs. Two for three boxes of finest… of which I had a total of 16 boxes. Bummed for not getting the full lot, I was happy I got something for George.

Next up, I headed over to see if I could drop off a gift I had for Scott Prisha of Panini who happens to be from Omaha and a Husker fan. I was able to drop off and later have him open it. I think he liked it. There may be a video of it sometime and you guys can laugh as I got choked up when presenting the gift. This to me is part of the hobby experience and why I really do enjoy it.

I then made zigzag patterns to see Scott get a quick walkaround the place, swing by with Steve to help him get some Panini redemption packs and… man I am tired just reading this.

Thanks to Steve I was able to attend the Upper Deck Party. It was a very fun event with good food and drink and I got to hangout with another collector from my home state of Hawaii, Jeff (JKBreaks). I walked away with some goodies for Steve and a piece for my PC.

Exhausted, I got a Lyft, headed back to the hotek and crashed. My day two at the National begins today and I am outside Starbucks waiting for my fix.