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2017 National Sports Collectors Convention – It’s a Wrap


The National was a great success for me this year. Gone were the pressures of having to actually work at the show. I actually got to walk around and be where I wanted to be at any given moment and that was a true blessing.

From the moment I hit the National floor, I was working on finding cards, getting wrapper redemption packs, and saying hi to friends I have made through the hobby.

Here are some of the periscope video links as I walked through the National and more.

Panini Silver Packs from the National floor

George’s Topps Wrapper Redemption Packs

Floor tour #1

Sick 3D Michael Jordan PSA Slabbed card – Owned by The Card Shop in Omaha, they still have it for sale.

Last day at the National


  1. Thank you to Steve from All Star Sports Cards. I know Tony couldn’t make it and you were kind enough to offer me his badge to both the Convention and to the Panini VIP Party. I had a great time at both and I can’t thank you enough for this. You even got me into the Upper Deck Party and that was a blast. I now have a Joe Montana Autographed Print that will be framed and placed in my man cave.
  2. Thanks to Matt and Annette Osman for being great friends. I looked forward to meeting up with you each day I was there at the National. It gave me a great chance to share the experience with someone that would understand my excitement about this industry.
  3. Huge thank you to Scott Prusha from Panini. Husker fam right there. I can’t thank you enough for the items you sent home with me for Jaxson. He would have loved attending this National and I won’t be attending any others going forward without my son. Thanks Scott. I hope you enjoy the drawing of GG and it provides some healing as you think of her each day. I have a painting of my Dad that my mother in-law did and each day I stop to say what’s up to him and that has brought a lot of happiness to me.
  4. To Jared Kelley. You helped me by creating and capturing a fantastic drawing of GG for Scott. I enjoy your talent and I am so glad to call you a friend. I love your work and hope to have your help in capturing family memories and treasures for me for the long-term future.
  5. To Scott Miller, owner of The Card Shop in Omaha. You have been a great friend, supporting me in making a decision to do breaks, and in the beginning, giving me a way to do this and allowing me to continue to enjoy the hobby with an honest and true sense of community and friendship through your shop. I don’t do breaks anymore but that never mattered to you. You have provided great advice and friendship. Thanks so much Scott. I am forever a customer and happy as heck to call you a friend for sure.
  6. Last but not least to my wife. I went back and forth about attending this National. I had no reason to go but I was excited by the thought of going and having no commitments. You shocked me when you told me to just GO. I know it was last minute and we even thought about a last ditch effort to get Jaxson out there as well. It was fun, no drama, except my beer would keep disappearing on me before I could really get a good drink at the Panini VIP Party, lol. Maybe I should have taken it as a sign. It is a funny memory and a lesson to hold on to your drink… lol.

Mahalo to all of you. Mahalo to you if you are reading this too. You are a part of the hobby that I find fun in. Thank you for stopping by and reading this and if you want, please drop a comment on this post.

Oh and before you go, check out the Topps Wrapper Redemption Packs from George for Jaxson below!