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The 2017 National Sports Collector’s Convention in Chicago opens on Wednesday, July 26. Although I won’t be there for the opening festivities, I will be there Friday morning with my VIP badge ready to get in early on the floor and will be hoping on my personal twitter account @r9tee or the @r90sportscards account to share video of the show. In the madness of the show, I hope to remember to use the r90 twitter account but in case I don’t, please follow my personal twitter account too.

Here are the things I am hoping to do.

1. Check out the manufacturers’ booths.
2. Check out PSA and Beckett booths to show you the lines and craziness around each.
3. Do a walk-by of the Blowout Cards, Dave and Adams, Steel City Collectibles, and many other online retailer booths.
4. Check out some vintage, modern, and a few other dealer booths to show you the mix of what is there and hope to find some cool items that you may not have a chance to see otherwise.
5. Visit The Breaker Pavilion and the GTS Main Stage.
6. Stop by and chat with the GoGTSLive guys, Rob and Ivan.
7. If I can swing any invites to some of the after show parties, Panini VIP, or some distributor parties, I will try to do video from those as well.

If you want anything in particular, want to see if a buddy made it and you want to see them on my feed, let me know. I will see if I can meet up with them and get them on camera!

Mahalo and I hope you guys enjoy the show in person or via others at the show.