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2017 Bowman Mega Box (Target Exclusive) – Product Review



Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2017 Bowman Mega Box (Target Exclusive)

PRICE: $15.00/box

Finally, thanks to Tony from All Star Case Breaks, I got my hands on some Bowman Mega Boxes and I was ready to go hunting for Shohei Otani.

Tony opened a few boxes live on his twitter feed and we were both hoping for a couple things. 1, he would pull a Shohei Otani, and 2, he would pull a colored refractor auto of someone. Tony didn’t get anything huge and we begun to talk about how the big hits were in the three boxes he picked up for me.

Well, after watching the video above – SPOILER – I did indeed hit an Otani and a few colored refractors, including a green refractor auto.

It hurt to send him photos of the pulls, but I did… Thanks again Tony for the hook up and I am sorry I got the pulls.

The design of the Mega Box refractors are super cool and The Rookies insert set, is sneaky cool in how the pattern is subtle and when you see it, it is a great surprise and looks awesome in person. I would love to see this refractor pattern in the hobby release and I look forward to it next year. I am sure it will be another retail exclusive… lol.

OVERALL RATING (Like, Love, Hate)

Love it.


Ebay (Sold, Highest First)





  • 5 packs of 2017 Bowman Baseball
  • 2 packs of exclusive chrome