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2017 Bowman Draft Baseball – Product Review



Manufacturer: Topps

Product: 2017 Bowman Draft Baseball

PRICE: $125.00/box

It is prospecting time!

I am like many others, I love this product. I was chasing any first rounder autos and look forward each year to send it off for grading. This product is by far, THE product to get, get graded, then sit and wait for the prospect to go off in the pros. Gamble/Investment…

I love the chrome, the base is just the same as the flagship Topps set, pretty thin and quickly damaged on corners with the breeze that goes by.

The Jumbo Hobby boxes are the way to go to get an Orange Refractor, but I have seen more of the SuperFractors hit from the Super Jumbo Hobby boxes.

Get out there and get in on this fun if you are a baseball fan. There are a lot of opportunities to get a big hit that may payoff down the line, or you can get a hit of a player from your home town, or one that you will follow because they were drafted by your team.

Whatever you plan to do, keep it fun!

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